With Empty Hands

Last Sunday, I scribbled notes feverishly into my journal as Pastor Dan spoke:

“God exchanges our human weakness for His power.”

“We must first acknowledge our frailty and place ourselves in a position to receive for He is not taking our strength and adding His power to it; but rather, giving us something new and supernatural.”

 It was when the music began to play after the sermon that this message seemed to unfold right in front of me.

One row in front of me an older lady sat during the worship songs. It was clear she was too weak to stand for all 3-4 songs in the worship set, but often she lifted her hands. Palms facing up. In her frailty, she was going to receive what God had to give her and at the same time, let Him know she wanted to surrender to Him.

A few rows ahead of me, an older man stood alongside his wife. Several times I saw him raise his right arm to worship God. Each time he was only able to do this by holding up his right arm with his left hand. His weakness was not going to stop him. He was going to praise his Lord and I sat behind him watching this thinking how this was a beautiful picture of what Pastor Dan was talking about the same day…

How we come to God with empty hands.

Our great exchange of nothing for everything.

What a vivid and beautiful illustration of the Gospel we are invited into through Jesus.


Lexi King is a mom of 3 and a deliriously smitten wife. She is passionate about encouraging and connecting women, writing, music, Jesus and queso…not necessarily in that order. She became a Christ follower at the age of 18 as a college freshman at UT Austin and now has lived in the Reno area for five years.