Right Place. Right Time.

Let me tell you a beautiful story…
My husband and I went to a concert almost 2 yrs ago where there was a very talented musician opening who played the Cloverton version of Leonard Cohen’s classic “Hallelujah”. (Here is the link if you’ve never heard it:https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=o6i_cyAjs7c)

When we figured out the main band was only playing Christmas songs (not our thang), we left early and ran into said opening musician and chatted for a while.

About a year later, he contacted my husband to do some work together in our home studio and in the process of these projects became good friends. Through conversations about life and love, struggle and creativity, my husband and I both began to care about and feel a special bond with him.

He left a few months ago to tour and just recently, some very close friends of ours introduced us to a special lady they just met.

Our close friends are “Section Leaders” at Grace at the 9am which means they make a special effort to get to know the people sitting in the same area as them at church. Intentionally connecting before the service in a manner that the obligatory and often slightly awkward feeling “shake hands and say hi to your neighbor time” could never really accomplish.

It turns out this lady, one of the first people our good friends made a connection with, is a next door neighbor of our musician friend. And not only his neighbor, but a close friend of his and she knew who both my husband and I were. Small world, right?

It also turns out she had been through some really hard times lately and was looking for a way to connect with people and get encouragement and support.

Long story made short. (Too late!) She is now in our home group with us and our close friends that made the connection on Sunday morning as Section Leaders.

Even without the help of our mutual friend, the talented musician who is still out on tour, God decided to bring us together and through a series of events, wove people together who at the right place at the right time were open to welcome more people into their lives.

May we all always stay open to inviting new people in! You never know the journey they’ve been on and you never know how God is going to knit things together because you decided to notice them and showed you really, truly care!