I was sitting in a conference for mental health providers and listening to the topic of Reactive Attachment Disorder. They were talking about the devastating studies out of the country of Romania. At that moment, God spoke to me and clearly told me I would be going there. I had always been interested in missions, and was seeking God as to where He wanted me to go next. I would have never guessed Romania; I didn’t know anything about the country, but it was clear that’s where he wanted me to go.

I went on my first trip to Romania in 2004, and my life has never been the same. I’ve had the honor of serving alongside Heart to Heart on short term mission trips to Romania for the past 13 years. I have been able to return to the same orphanage and watch the kids grow up and learn. There are many kids who I met my first year who are now living on their own, going to college, and even have families of their own. When I return each year, the relationship grows deeper and deeper, and I love watching their guard go further down as they experience the love of Christ and see consistent love without abandonment.

I met a girl named Luminita my first year. She took my heart, and God taught me so much about sacrificial love and He also taught me so much about His love for the fatherless. Luminita and I continue our relationship to this day, and she calls me her mom. She is now a mom herself, and her son David is the apple of her eye. He turned 6 in January and is doing amazing. God has redeemed so much of Luminita’s story. She was abandoned at an early age and raised in a state-run orphanage. She didn’t know what parenting looked like and was fearful she couldn’t be a mom to her son. Heart to Heart walked through life with her, showed her love and modeled parenting. Her love for her son is an incredible gift of redemption and grace! Seeing his redemptive work has truly changed me!


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