Over the last year God has planted many seeds in my life but the idea of being Rooted was one that was resonating in a not so coincidental way. I had read several books leading up to the class being offered at Grace and felt compelled to participate with my church family in the idea of becoming Rooted.

I am a Holistic Health Practitioner. The idea of getting to the root in my field means we are fixing and healing from the inside, becoming whole and well. This further solidified my excitement to link arms with fellow Gracers in the Rooted series.

God brought 16 of us together and we committed to consistency, digging into what it looks like to be called to be Rooted in Jesus, in our faith and actually living out our faith on an active basis. Each week we were able hear each other’s “story” and I immediately felt bonded in a way that was unbreakable. When we hear each other’s stories, it connects us in a very authentic way. As our time together passed and we shared very vulnerable aspects of our faith life; our strengths and our weaknesses, I became keenly aware of how very different we are, yet so very capable, no matter what our past, to be used for the glory of God and to further His kingdom.

We were called in the series to actually begin “walking out” what it means to be Rooted. God provided us a family to minister to and we spent a day serving and loving on a local widow who had lost her husband earlier in the year. Each of us was uniquely woven into this experience and I was filled with a tremendous amount of joy – specifically the joy of the Lord, to be able to not only minister to this widow and her family, but simultaneously grin from ear to ear witnessing what it was like to actually put into action what God’s word calls us to do. It’s really quite simple; love like Jesus, make disciples and take care of the orphaned and widowed.

The church is a place where we can come to learn how to live our lives closer to Jesus. We provide a place for others to come get answers to some of life’s most complex questions.

I am profoundly grateful each day for Grace church. For the hope that it offers me, but also for the hope we provide when we open the doors for others to learn how our God is a redeemer, a restorer, and there isn’t anyone who is too far gone.

I am grateful for the offering of Rooted to our church; a dynamic call to action for the next level of commitment in our walk. Not however, just so that we are living well, but also to draw others into this same idea of purpose, of hope, of redemption and to walk out what they too have been called to do on this side of eternity.