The men who oversee and shepherd the church.

Dan Frank

Dan Frank is Grace's founding pastor. He's married to Judy, has three adult children and three grandchildren. He loves how Grace focuses outside the church to reach people who are far from God.
*B.S. Education, M.Div. Theology

David Durst

David Durst is married to wife Karen and has two adult children. He works in technology and sales and loves how God uses Grace to change lives through Christ.
*B.S.B.A. Management

Jim Milstead

Jim Milstead is married to Linda with two adults sons. He is retired from a prestigious career in leadership at John Deere. He also served  Director of Operations at Grace before retiring from that position. He loves how Grace is always teaching the Truth.
*B.B.A. Business

Rick Hallam

Rick Hallam is married to wife Jennifer and together they have 6 children. Rick is a pastor at Grace and loves how generous the people of Grace are in how they serve God.
*B.A. Math Ed

Thomas Grant

Tom is married to Sarah and has four sons. He works as a finance professional in the technology industry and loves the multigenerational Christ-Centered impact of Grace.
*B.B.A. Finance and Accounting

Chris Busse

Chris is married to wife Kristin and they have two young girls. He works in the medical research industry doing business development. Chris enjoys how Grace embraces the workings of Christ and their generous outreach and activity in the community.
*M.B.A. Management

Jerrod Laputz

Jerrod Laputz is married to Gina and they have three children. He works as an electrical engineer in the technology business and loves that Grace shows the love of Christ to the city of Reno and to the world.

*B.S. Electrical Engineering