Do you remember when you first made the decision to choose Jesus? The excitement of knowing you did what your heart was leading you to do, and at the same time overcoming your nerves.

On Wednesday, August 14, Grace had their Fall Kickoff for the middle school and high school students. Three kids were picked up for the event and I updated them on what to expect, based on the little information I knew. When we pulled up and the kids saw the bounce houses, kids playing, and a taco truck, their excitement grew. They were immediately stoked to attend without any hesitation. I left knowing they were in good hands with Miguel, Grace’s Family Director, leading the team that night.

When I picked the kids up, two of the girls kept sharing about the music, the pastor rapping, the snow cones, etc. It was one story after another, they were so excited to share! Then it got quiet all of a sudden. One of the girls said “Should we tell her?” I was immediately curious. I was trying to get it out of them, and as I looked back one got teary-eyed. She was looking down, but with a huge smile. She said, “We chose Jesus tonight!” The other girl lit up with a huge smile and I could’ve fallen out of the car’s passenger seat in excitement cheering for them! I said, “This is awesome, we need to celebrate!”

These girls came into my life through the foster care agency that my husband and I operate named, “Call To Compassion.” Before coming to us, they didn’t know who Jesus was. We added Grace Church to the weekly home schedule as an option for the kids to attend. Over time the girls have grown to love it! From there we got them involved with the high school ministry. For us, bringing them to Grace is all about exposing them to our loving God and surrounding them with positive influences in their lives. Unfortunately, most of the kids who come into foster care have experienced so much trauma. They are so used to a certain way of life that they can become stuck in. Introducing them to God and the Grace family has been the best decision we’ve made. I look forward to seeing how God continues to moves in their lives and witnessing their growth throughout their faith journey.

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