One of my favorite things to do is help people tell their stories. I know that in my life, I learn more from stories than anything. Real life stories from the Bible, stories Jesus told, and stories from people today.

Angela’s story inspired me more than I can say. Her courage to share the deepest part of her fight with cancer, as well as her journey with God is so impressive. Her husband’s conscious choice to join her smack dab in the middle of her illness puts new meaning in “in sickness and in health”. I just met them, but I love them both. Their example of transparency, tenacity, perseverance and faith are teaching me.

Here’s what I’m learning…
See clearly. Seeing life through the lens of God, His promises, His faithfulness, and His Kingdom is the only way to really see. When I get out of focus and pursue the wrong things I’m left disappointed and thirsty. When I see life through Him, His purpose, His Kingdom, and His love for me, I’m left grateful, and sure.

Surrender completely. This one’s hard. but necessary. I’m not there, but I am finding myself giving up things I never thought I’d give up. I am moving in that direction. The more I surrender, the more He fills me and shows me what’s next. The more I surrender, the more sure I am that Jesus is real, is present and is for me in the most obvious ways. The more I surrender, the more he trusts me with eternal things. The more I surrender, the more I understand true hope.

Following Jesus costs something. Actually it costs everything. Angie said, “Surrender to me is about laying it all at the foot of the cross where there’s all encompassing trust, where partnering with Jesus is the greatest blessing there could ever be.”

I believe her. I believe that. Partnering with Jesus is the greatest thing ever. That’s what I want my story to be.

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