Yesterday was the most awesome day.

It started in church two weeks ago when I met two girls from the Jane Aubrey House. (The Jane Aubrey House is the first Recovery Home that Grace purchased in January of 2016.) One of the girls was brand new to the home. She was young, 18, and had been there two days. I asked her name and wrote it on the board in our office. I prayed for her. I told the rest of the team about her.

I saw her worshiping. She was new to all this, but wore her heart on her sleeve and sang to the God she hoped was real.

Two weeks later, after a powerful message on forgiveness, and after watching several people get baptized, the band played “O come to the Altar, the Father’s arms are open wide. Forgiveness was bought with the precious blood of Jesus Christ.”

She came forward. I happened to be up front and saw her right away. She was crying, ready and believing in Jesus as Lord. She couldn’t stay after service because the other girls were waiting to go to an NA meeting. I gave her a Bible and got her number.

Long story short, we met last night at the Jane Aubrey House. She told me her story, and how she was ready to confess Christ. We prayed, angels rejoiced, and another precious daughter of the King was adopted into the family.

We are coming up on three years since Jane Aubrey died. Looking back on her story, I’m reminded that what we see as the end, isn’t the end. God writes the most amazing true stories, and makes beauty from ashes. Jane’s story is still being told, for his honor and eternal glory. I am forever changed.

If you’d like to see Jane Aubrey’s story, as told by her mom, watch this video.

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  1. I think we saw her run up to you… we were sitting in stadium seats so had a good view! We were teary-eyed & our hearts full, watching her run up. We could tell there was lots of emotions/hugs… We were moved by her coming to Christ!!

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