Live Life Together

Relationships matter to God. We’ve been created to be in a relationship with him and each other. Lets start a journey of understanding why we don’t have to face life on our own.

Grace’s Middle School Pastor, Nathan Hartley, grew up at Grace and felt called into ministry when he was in middle school himself. He has a passion for seeing young people realize the transforming good news of Jesus, and loves to help them learn how to live for Him. His wife Heather loves Grace students too!

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Current Series

If you’ve ever watched a circus, Cirque du Soleil, or America’s Got Talent, then you’re probably convinced that humans are capable of some pretty amazing things...and some pretty bizarre stuff too. Seeing these things, you might have wondered: Should joints really bend that way? or Is it normal for a grown man to be that into puppets? But the reality is, we all have things that make us different. And, especially in middle school, there’s a lot that can make us feel weird. When God created human beings, He made us to be different—different from the rest of creation and different from one another. In this series, we’ll discover that "keeping it weird" is a good thing. After all, what makes us weird is what makes us both valuable and wonderful.

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