Live Life Together

Relationships matter to God. We’ve been created to be in a relationship with him and each other. Lets start a journey of understanding why we don’t have to face life on our own.

Grace’s Middle School Pastor, Nathan Hartley, grew up at Grace and felt called into ministry when he was in middle school himself. He has a passion for seeing young people realize the transforming good news of Jesus, and loves to help them learn how to live for Him. His wife Heather loves Grace students too!

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2017 Summer Camp

Love God. Love others. Love camp.

Get up on a mountain with your friends and youth leaders for a week, where you can focus on hearing from God. Let me explain to you what this week would look like. We will have an amazing worship band, relevant speakers, and you will be challenged to dive into the bible and read for yourself what God says about this life. You will experience a high energy game time with a crazy party we like to call our "pre-game." Take a ride down the 60 ft waterslide into lake Alpha or I dare you to survive our obstacle course. Go carts, volleyball, paintball, or just chilling at the beach with a snow cone, you and your friends are in for some good times. If you make the choice to come to camp, it will change your life.

JULY 3-8, 2017

Free Time Activities: Go Carts / Lake Swimming / BLOB / Kayaks / Waterslide / Disc Golf / Dodgeball / Lazertag / Paintball / Basketball / Gutterball / Ping Pong / Beach Volleyball / Snack Shop

Cost before May 1: $440.00
Cost after May 1: $450.00
Cost after June 1: $460.00

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Current Message Series

Some times the most important moments of life happen in ways that we don’t see coming. The same thing is true for the story of humanity. The moments that changed everything for the human story happened in a way that caught everyone off guard. What was God’s plan as he stepped into our story? Why was what Jesus said and did so shocking that He was killed for it? Do we realize how crazy it sounds when we talk about someone raising from the dead? And what if it’s all true?

Middle School Sunday Mornings

11am Student Center