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Relationships matter to God. We’ve been created to be in a relationship with him and each other. Lets start a journey of understanding why we don’t have to face life on our own.

Grace’s Middle School Pastor, Nathan Hartley, grew up at Grace and felt called into ministry when he was in middle school himself. He has a passion for seeing young people realize the transforming good news of Jesus, and loves to help them learn how to live for Him. His wife Heather loves Grace students too!

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Rooted is a 10-week personal journey to discovering God. You learn how YOU are part of the Church, part of His story and that you can play a role in both. Rooted is designed for students to see, hear, and experience God – some for the very first time. Through the class students find ways they can impact their schools, communities and sports teams. Ultimately, it gives them a glimpse of how their story fits into God’s story. The cost is just $15 to cover your workbook.

Current Series

How do you normally introduce yourself? Maybe you start with, "Hi. I’m (insert your name here)." But what comes after that? Sure, you can talk about where you go to school, or what hobbies you’re into, but that doesn’t really introduce anyone to you, just facts about you. When Jesus talked about Himself, He would make statements like, "I am the Good Shepherd" and, "I am the bread of life." As strange as they sound, these statements give us a better picture of who Jesus is. Because if He is a shepherd, then we are His sheep. And if He is the bread of life, then we can be satisfied in Him. In this series, we’ll discover that the way Jesus described Himself, gives us a clue into who we are as well.

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