HopeFirst is a three-year, God-sized initiative to bring hope to our city and future generations through action and sacrifice.

Something is up at Grace. God is moving through this church family with miraculous stories of changed lives and recovery. We have more people than ever before coming through our doors to hear about Jesus. They are all looking for something. They are all looking for hope. They are finding it here. To whom much is given, much is required, and I believe God is calling us to more. Something different. Something for Reno. Something that will change lives, change the way people see church, and bring real hope to our city. Let’s climb this mountain together. Open your heart and mind to the vision. We have an opportunity to make a difference in our city, for this and the next generation – all for God’s Kingdom. Come with me. It’s gonna be a great ride.

For God’s glory,
Pastor Dan

First, we give away.

HopeFirst is a compassion first initiative, meaning the first 50% of every dollar we raise will go outside our walls.

We will purchase recovery homes throughout Washoe County to help people with addictions find hope and healing.

Next, we build.

The best way to prevent addiction is by providing children and families with a foundation in Jesus. HopeFirst will help us do that in two ways:

One. We will build 90 more parking spaces on the upper north lot.
Two. We will build a third building (apx. 12,000 SF) to make room for the next generation.


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Addiction is real.

Recovery is possible.

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