HopeFirst is a God-sized initiative to bring hope to our city and future generations through action and sacrifice.

HopeFirst is a calling. It all started with a tragedy in our church. One of our family’s lost their daughter, Jane Aubrey to an accidental overdose. That event broke our heart and opened our eyes to the problem of addiction. God used Jane Aubrey to catapult us into a movement that was bigger than we could have ever imagined.

In 2015 we raised money through our Year End gift to purchase and remodel the Jane Aubrey House. The house opened in 2016 and since then hundreds of girls have found hope for recovery and healing inside those walls. Because of the overwhelming response to that call, we knew God was calling us to more. We launched HopeFirst in Fall of 2016. Hundreds of families pledged to fight addiction by giving to HopeFirst.

Since that time, we have raised money to provide the following for recovery through treatment:

  • Six Hope Houses providing a total of 50 beds for residential treatment for men and women to learn to live in recovery from addiction
  • One Hope Home for up to 50 young men and women to find residential treatment for addiction.
  • Four HopeFirst Vans
  • Partnerships with LifeChanges, Step 2 and The Empowerment Center

We have also provided for prevention at Grace through the following:

  • Upper parking lot
  • Grace Kids Building and remodeling of Family Center to better serve families
  • Funding Student programming including One Night and Move

Addiction is real.

Recovery is possible.

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