I come from a family that never went to church unless it was for the occasional holiday, like Christmas or Easter.

I remember going to church with my grandma every time we came to Reno to visit her. She told me about Jesus from a young age. Growing up, I didn’t understand the concept of God or Christianity, but I think I have always believed in God. I never took a step further to learn more because I never felt the need or want to do so. It wasn’t until I was 25 years old and my husband, Brandon, and I decided that we wanted to start a family after we were married. He grew up in a family of believers and spent most of his teen years attending and working at a church. We knew we wanted our children to grow up around positive peers and influences and agreed that the church would be a great place for us to start attending together after our first baby was born.

After some time attending the weekend church services, taking in the experience, and listening to the messages, I began to understand what Christianity was about. This really changed my perception of God and who He is. I never had an “ah-ha” moment with coming to know Christ. Over time, I began to feel this new sense of life and saw the world in a completely different way. I felt like God was calling me grow deeper in my faith. I dedicated more of my time to reading His word and connecting with God. I am continuing to slowly learn more about Him and build a relationship with Him. Last year, I decided I wanted to give my life to Christ and be baptized as an outward expression of my love for my savior. It was the best experience of my life. Grace Church planned such a fun and celebratory worship experience that made the day unforgettable for me. I felt welcomed to experience my truest emotions without judgment or fear. After being baptized, I felt like I was given a fresh start to life and began a closer walk with Christ. Today, all of my hope is in Jesus and I’ve never looked back since.

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